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Yes, our panelized system is very versatile and along with our trained team of in-house architects and engineers, we are able to design or customize essentially any solution for our customers. This website has standard models and designs, but we can easily customize and offer much more.

Inspections for our homes are no different from any home you buy. After your home is assembled onsite, the local building department inspector performs all appropriate inspections.

Yes. Our homes are 80% more sustainable/green, than the standard site-built homes. Our homes are energy efficient and manufactured in climate controlled facility. Their maintenance requires less energy and natural resource use. 

Our panelized homes are manufactured in facilities in Eastern Europe (including the Baltic States) with a global supply chain extending to Western Europe and Asia.

Yes. Our homes arrive in open-top containers to the site for assembly.

The cost of shipping depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your home, home site location from the closest U.S. port, as well as any global supply chain conditions.

We are always transparent about our shipping and the customer will know those shipping costs in advance.

Yes. The Hankler system has such a strong supply chain and pricing advantage that we are able to work with everyone from large developers to  individual home/land owners, building a one-off project. In fact, customers regularly turn to us to price out their project and they save big by using our quality materials.

Yes. Easily. In fact, most of our materials significantly exceed most efficiency requirements for the U.S. market. However, since a LEED certification calls for additional inspections, testing, and planning, the customer would need to inform us at the beginning of the project so we could activate our LEED engineering group.


The projects that we take on from A-Z, we are able to do the complete project. For purposes of selling catalogue homes, the customer or her selected General Contractor, is typically responsible for site-prep and assembly. 

We will ship the prefab catalogue home or modular unit and provide all the plans, documents, and engineering needed for the onsite construction. The customer selects a local contractor who will do all the on-site work, assemble the home, and connect utilities.


About 12-18 weeks after the deposit is paid.


Yes. We currently have homes to visit in update NY, with more model homes coming up in Massachusetts, California and Florida


Yes, we are able to offer discounts based on volume and repeat customer activity.


Yes. The dealer program is available. Please reach out to us.


New-construction homes that are built by us carry the appropriate warranty for workmanship, materials, and various systems as required by state laws. 

State laws vary, but typical warranty encompasses 1 year.

We are able to also pass on to the customer the full material manufacturer warranty against material defects.


Your home will be as durable or more than a traditional stick-built home.

The reason is we use higher quality materials and panelized manufacturing techniques from Europe which surpass the U.S standards. For example, our lumber is 25% is thicker than the minimum requirement in U.S. Our model homes speak for themselves, which is why we welcome visits.


Yes, we have a number of off-grid and high efficiency solutions. Please contact for more information.


There is zero-risk or obligation. Call or email us to share your project details. Our dedicated design and engineering team will offer you a set of solutions and corresponding transparent pricing so you could decide how to proceed.

Our customers range from experienced large developers to individual land/property owners looking to build their first project. Inexperienced owners are advised to assemble their homes with a local licensed general contractor.

You will see some samples on our website. Additionally, our in-house design team will help customize any color and option that fits your project. The customer sees full sets of interior and exterior renderings before ordering the package.


Outside of specialized custom cases, we do not recommend a general contractor. It is the customer’s responsibility as a buyer to find her own general contractor or act as the owner-builder.

Yes. We work with each customer to fulfill her specific need.

Yes. Select samples are on the website to view, but our in-house can customize to any project complexity.

Yes, we can support with a wide range of customizations. Please contact us and share more information.

All interior wall panels are pre-cut and are included in the home kit. No drywall is installed.


No. These are done on site by licensed professionals in the area who follow local building codes.


It depends on the size of your home and other variables, but a typical 3-4 bedroom house can be assembled in under 10 days.


In our experience, this is highly unlikely given our high packaging standards. However, if that happens, we would replace the glass at no cost to the customer.


Hankler has been building homes and/or supplying materials to projects for over 7years. 

Our workmanship is top notch, from NY to CA, with our higher end homes being offered by Corcoran Country Living. 


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